Future Government Delivery

For two days the complete buying committees of government departments will come together under one roof – to discuss implementing an agenda of renewal and reform.

5th - 6th November
Intercontinental London - The O2


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      Government Leaders Summit

      4th November
      Intercontinental London - The O2

        The annual, invite-only gathering of Senior Civil Service and Executive Officers from local government

            Government Transformation Summit

            5th November
            Intercontinental London - The O2

              Elevate government productivity, governance and service quality, with the people, process and digital innovation that delivers profound transformational change.

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                  Citizen Experience Summit

                  5th November
                  Intercontinental London - The O2

                    How do we make service delivery more inclusive, seamless, and user-centric - reducing costs, building trust and improving citizen engagement?

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                        Government Data & AI Summit

                        6th November
                        Intercontinental London - The O2

                          Data drives better decision-making and fairer outcomes - but how do we build the data culture and capabilities within and beyond our data teams to enable this at scale?

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                              Government Transformation Summit

                              5 November 2024
                              InterContinental London - The O2
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                              Future Government Delivery


                              For the 5th year in a row, government transformation leaders are coming to London from across the UK – and internationally - to sit alongside their peers, and share their experience of:

                              • Mission-driven government
                              • Modernising public services
                              • Decentralisation & community empowerment
                              • Building a world-class public service
                              • Economic growth & job creation

                              Over 200 central and local government transformation and technology leaders are coming together to talk operational transformation, against the backdrop of the Government Transformation Week, where their teams can learn more about emergent technical challenges and capabilities as part of our dedicated Transformation Zone on the Expo floor.

                              Government Transformation Summit connects the dots between reimagining operations both nationally, and at the local level of government, with the digital, data and technology that enables better ways of working. 


                              Transformation Topics

                              Mission-Driven Government. 

                              How to implement a mission-driven approach, emphasising ambitious, measurable objectives for sustained national improvement and long-term impact.

                              • Transformation Strategy: Developing and implementing a mission-driven approach in government.
                              • Performance Measurement: Measuring progress against ambitious, measurable objectives.
                              • Better Decision Making: Collaborating effectively within and between government tiers to achieve long-term impact.
                              • Change Management: Managing the transition to a mission-driven government.
                              • Operational Resilience: Ensuring continuity and resilience in achieving long-term goals.

                              Decentralisation & Community. 

                              Transferring power from central to local government, enhancing community control over key areas such as transport, education, housing, and employment.

                              • Scaling Digital Initiatives: Sharing best practice and transferring successful digital programmes across central and local government.
                              • Digital Twins: Using digital representations to manage local infrastructure and services.
                              • Smart Procurement: Innovating for Social Impact. Collaborating with private sector partners to maximise social impact and drive local innovation.
                              • Operational Transformation: Transforming government operations for greater efficiency and responsiveness.
                              • Cross-Government Functions: Enhancing cooperation within and between different levels of government.

                              Modernising Public Services.

                              Overhauling key public services, like the NHS and HMRC, to improve efficiency and service delivery, focusing on long-term sustainability and resilience.

                              • Optimising Efficiency: Boosting public sector productivity through innovation.
                              • Joined-Up Services: Integrating services across different agencies for seamless delivery.
                              • Data Interoperability & Integration: Ensuring data can be shared and used across different services.
                              • Cyber Security: Protecting public service infrastructure from cyber threats.
                              • Greening Operations: Making public services more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

                              World Class Public Service.

                              Addressing recruitment and retention challenges within public services, improving working conditions, and ensuring the highest standards of public service delivery.

                              • Digital Workplace: Creating a modern, flexible digital workplace for public service employees.
                              • Employee Experience: Improving the working conditions and satisfaction of public service employees.
                              • Future Workforce Planning: Planning for the future needs of the public service workforce.
                              • AI Human Teaming: Integrating AI into the workforce to augment human capabilities.
                              • Recruitment and Retention: Addressing the challenges of attracting and keeping talent in public services.

                              Economic Growth & Job Creation.

                              Leveraging digital transformation across central and local government to spur economic growth and create jobs across the UK.

                              • Future Delivery Models: Innovative partnership models for delivering government services and spurring economic growth.
                              • Harnessing IoT: Revolutionising public services and boosting economic growth.
                              • Driving Economic Development: Public-Private partnerships for long-term impact.
                              • Service Automation: Automating services to improve efficiency and free up resources for economic development.
                              • Intelligent Automation: Using advanced automation to drive productivity and job creation.
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                              Reasons to attend

                              In such a mission-critical environment, our Government Transformation Summit gathered over 300 central and local government leaders of Operations, Data, Services and HR, from across the UK and overseas, to discuss the issues they are facing and how they are tackling them

                              • Save time and resources by collaborating, sharing information and building your network with 300+ senior Civil Servants.
                              • Easily build relationships with fellow Government agencies.
                              • Discover what's on the emerging public sector technology landscape.
                              • Benchmark your organisation's capability against other departments.
                              • Leave better informed and motivated to execute transformation projects.

                              Why government loves what we do

                              This is what senior civil servants think about Government Transformation Summit:

                              A unique event experience

                              Discussion Table format combines professional networking and thought leadership

                              Treat senior public servants like adults – they choose which discussions to join; no enforced networking
                              Deep dive into the issues that matter most – 45-minute discussions with genuine experts
                              All table discussions are private to participants and off-the-record – a safe environment for candid sharing
                              Parallel activities for their wider teams to get involved – eg. the adjacent Government Transformation Expo
                              Award-winning conference format – and industry-leading Net Promoter Score of +41
                              A commitment to diversity and inclusion in all its forms – the first UK government event to be DICE-certified

                              Join us at Government Transformation Week 2024

                              Where influence, insight, and innovation will drive Future Government Delivery