Future Government Delivery

For two days the complete buying committees of government departments will come together under one roof – to discuss implementing an agenda of renewal and reform.

5th - 6th November
Intercontinental London - The O2


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      Government Leaders Summit

      4th November
      Intercontinental London - The O2

        The annual, invite-only gathering of Senior Civil Service and Executive Officers from local government

            Government Transformation Summit

            5th November
            Intercontinental London - The O2

              Elevate government productivity, governance and service quality, with the people, process and digital innovation that delivers profound transformational change.

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                  Citizen Experience Summit

                  5th November
                  Intercontinental London - The O2

                    How do we make service delivery more inclusive, seamless, and user-centric - reducing costs, building trust and improving citizen engagement?

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                        Government Data & AI Summit

                        6th November
                        Intercontinental London - The O2

                          Data drives better decision-making and fairer outcomes - but how do we build the data culture and capabilities within and beyond our data teams to enable this at scale?

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                              Advisory Board 2024

                              Government Leaders Summit

                              Advisory Board

                              We are grateful to the members of our Advisory Board – a group of exceptional public sector practitioners and thought leaders from the UK
                              public sector and around the world – for their active counsel and support of our mission to enable transformational government outcomes

                              Transformation Board

                              Christine Bellamy
                              Chief Executive Officer - Government Digital Service
                              Gina Gill
                              Chief Strategy Officer - Central Digital & Data Office
                              Annelies Look
                              Deputy Chief Executive Officer - UK Space Agency
                              Philip Orumwense
                              Chief Technology Procurement Officer - Crown Commercial Service
                              Dyfed Alsop
                              Chief Executive Officer - Welsh Revenue Authority
                              Megan Lee
                              Director General at UK Ministry of Justice
                              Einav Ben-Yehuda
                              Chief Commercial Officer - Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
                              Adam Boyse
                              Chief Technology Officer - Ministry of Justice
                              Oliver Fisher
                              Chief Portfolio Officer - HM Revenue & Customs
                              Lee Almond
                              Vice President, Consulting Expert - CGI
                              James Partis
                              Deputy Chief Executive Officer - London Borough of Newham
                              Carl Von Reibnitz
                              Chief Sustainability Officer - Ministry of Justice
                              Marten Kaevats
                              ex-Chief Innovation Officer - formerly Government of Estonia
                              Mark Lyons
                              Chief Technology Officer - UK Parliamentary Digital Service
                              Renata Oszast
                              Director General - Ministry of Finance, Poland
                              Justin Placide
                              Head of Net Zero Governance and Fiscal Events - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
                              Sally Meecham
                              Transformation Director - UK Hydrographic Office
                              Mike Emery
                              Chief Digital & Innovation Officer - NHS Wales

                              Data & AI Board

                              Craig Suckling
                              Chief Data Officer - UK Government
                              Charles Baird
                              Chief Data Architect - Office for National Statistics
                              Richard Patterson
                              Chief Data Officer - US Department of State
                              Siân Thomas
                              Chief Data Officer - Department for Business and Trade
                              Andrew Newland
                              Director, Central Government - Snowflake
                              Alan Sawyer
                              Central Government Market Lead - DXC
                              Johanna Hutchinson
                              Director of Analytics & Data Science - UK Health Security Agency
                              Bertrand Loison
                              Vice Director General - Swiss Federal Statistical Office
                              Victoria Obudulu
                              Head of Profession for Statistics - UK Health Security Agency
                              Alan Howie
                              Chief Data Officer - Social Security Scotland
                              Charlie Boundy
                              Chief Data Officer - Companies House
                              Mark Azzam
                              Chief Data Officer - German Federal Ministry for the Environment
                              Nic Granger
                              Director of Corporate and CFO - North Sea Transition Authority

                              Citizen Experience Board

                              Christine Bellamy
                              CEO of Government Digital Service
                              George McCrea
                              Chief Product Office - Ministry of Defence
                              Anais Reding
                              Chief Engagement & Design Officer - Department for Business and Trade
                              Jeremy Gould
                              Chief Digital Officer - Homes England
                              Tariq Khan
                              Chief Digital & Information Officer - London Borough of Camden
                              Mike Hill
                              Chief Digital & Information Officer - Cabinet Office
                              John Seabourn
                              Chief Digital & Information Officer - North Sea Transition Authority
                              Mandev Dass
                              Chief Digital Officer - Government Property Agency

                              Join us at Government Transformation Week 2024

                              Where influence, insight, and innovation will drive Future Government Delivery